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What is Certified Electrical Testing and Why Does Your Commercial Building Need It?

If you’re a business owner, you will know that the list of things that you’re expected to monitor in your commercial building can seem neverending. While some of these things may be solely aesthetic and don’t have a timeframe as such, like changing the colour of your office’s walls, or installing new cupboards in the canteen, others are far more urgent and important. One part of business ownership that you should never scrimp on or leave on the long finger is electrical testing.


Electrical Testing is a service carried out by certified commercial electricians for businesses across Ireland to test the safety of your company’s electronic devices, and is an insurance requirement. Electrical Testing is a legal requirement for Irish businesses as outlined in the 2007 Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Applications, and must be done by a certified commercial electrician, who will give you a report and recommendations following your certified electrical test. The team at Alliance Electricians are expert professionals in the area of electrical testing, providing top-quality services to businesses across Ireland.


When it comes to certified electrical testing, periodic inspections are the most important electrical testing services for businesses in Ireland. Periodic Inspections are carried out by commercial electricians, who comprehensively test all electrical systems in your business including the installation, setup and function of all electronics in your business. While the length of time between inspections varies from business to business, general guidelines advise that you should have your business inspected by a commercial electrician every five years to ensure the maintenance, safety, and efficiency of your building’s electrical setup. Alliance Electricians offers periodic inspections to businesses across Dublin, providing expert reports, repairs, and recommendations following your inspection.


PAT Testing, otherwise known as Portable Appliance Testing, is a mandatory electrical test that all commercial businesses must comply with and avail of on a regular basis, with some industries requiring this service yearly. PAT Testing is carried out by certified electricians who will routinely inspect and test all the portable electronic devices in your workplace, including vending machines, computers, canteen appliances, electrical tools and more. The team at Alliance Electricians offer professional PAT Testing for businesses across Dublin and nationwide, ensuring your workplace is kept safe and operating at optimum capacity.

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