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Preventative Maintenance


Identify future electrical problems today with Alliance Ireland Electrical's preventative maintenance service

Alliance Ireland Electrical provides clients with a preventative maintenance service that aims to identify potential issues with electrical installations before they become a problem. Our team of certified electricians regularly check all aspects of a building's wiring in domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Our expert team then make recommendations based on potential hazards.

Not only does preventative maintenance stop any potential problems, it also ensures that an electrical installation is running at optimum efficiency.

This is an ideal service for a business or a commercial property that wants to avoid unscheduled downtime and disruption to business processes. Have your installation regularly checked by qualified and experienced electricians to ensure the smooth efficient running of your business, get in contact with Alliance Ireland Electrical and discuss our preventative maintenance service today.

Preventive Maintenance
Safe Electric
Registered Gas Installer


We send a qualified certifier, who is approved and registered with Safe Electric to your property to thoroughly inspect your electrical installation. Potential hazards are identified and noted, and advice and recommendations are made to the client based on the condition of their electrical installation and their unique electrical requirements.
Our electrician will identify and replace worn or faulty parts before they cause larger problems.
Depending on a property’s individual requirements, preventative maintenance can take the form of diagnostic testing, infrared heat detection, regularly scheduled equipment maintenance as well as a comprehensive range of other services.

Construction Industry Register Ireland
National Guild of Master Craftsmen

For more information on our preventative maintenance service, get in contact with Alliance Ireland Electrical today.


For additional information on on preventative maintenance please see our preventative maintenance blog post

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