Energy Savings

It is more than likely that you are spending more on your electrical bill than necessary? Find out why and how to reduce your electrical bills - Speak to Alliance Ireland today.

Alliance Ireland Electrical can offer clients recommendations and advice on upgrading their electrical systems to maximise energy efficiency and reduce energy bills. 

Many older properties have out-of-date, inefficient lighting that uses much more energy than current LED lighting. Properties such as office blocks and industrial complexes may be unnecessarily wasting hundreds of euros in energy bills every year.
Alliance Ireland's team of electricians are available to carry out energy audits in all kinds of properties. These audits look at the existing lighting, and determine the kilowatt usage and cost, and make a comparison with new LED lighting kilowatts and running costs. A cost comparison report and recommendation will be made as a result of the audit, showing the cost to replace, the savings, and the return of investment time, which in most cases is less than 3 years. We base all our recommendations and proposals on our expert knowledge of the latest electrical products available on the market today.

Get in contact with Alliance Ireland Electrical today to have your property assessed and running costs determined.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting

All energy efficient lighting replacements are carried out by our qualified electricians. Alliance Ireland Electrical only uses high-quality products for replacement projects. We can recommend the right kind of LED lighting for a property's business and energy needs. These products have been subjected to rigorous safety checks to ensure their quality and efficiency.

For more information on our modern, energy efficient LED lighting, site audits and return of investment reports and recommendations, get in contact with Alliance Ireland Electrical today.