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How safe is your home from electrical wiring installation fires?

Modern, energy efficient fuse boards and electrical systems have thankfully made electrical installation fires increasingly rare.

For some context, the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government reported that 474 fires* were caused by electrical wiring installations in 2000.

In 2016 – the latest information available – only 133 fires* were caused by electrical wiring installations.

Homeowners can be reassured that in the 16 year period between these reports, fires due to electrical wiring installations fell by little over 28%.

However -- as encouraging as these numbers are -- electrical installation fires have by no means been eradicated. Electrical fires still pose a serious risk.

It is also worth noting, that the 2016 report lacked any data from the Dublin City Council. Meaning fires due to electrical installations in 2016 were likely higher than the numbers in the 2016 report.

So what can you do to ensure the electrical installations in your home are safe?

Overall health check, periodic inspection provides a comprehensive report on conclusion of all electrics within the building.

Checking your Home’s Electrical Installations

It’s important to have the electrical system in your domestic property checked by a fully qualified electrician. Alliance Ireland’s team of Safe Electric qualified certified electricians have extensive experience in finding faults in residential electrical systems.

Once a fault is identified we can immediately remedy the potential hazard.

Older properties or properties with out-of-date electric systems may be more vulnerable to an electrical installation fire, and as such should be checked by a Safe Electric electrician on a more regular basis.


As stated, old inefficient electrical systems may be more vulnerable to electrical installation fires. A full electrical system upgrade can help to reduce this potential risk.

Our team of electricians can completely replace an out-of-date electrical system with a more energy efficient alternative. An electrical system upgrade not only reduces the potential risk of a fire, but will also help significantly reduce the property's electrical bills.

If you are concerned about an electrical installation fire in your property, get in contact with our team today. From fault finding to emergency repairs to full electrical system upgrades, we have the experience, resources and expertise to make your home as safe from electrical fires as possible. For more information on our various electrical safety services please review our preventative maintenance page

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