Why Your Commercial Property Needs a Dublin Commercial Electrician

While it can be attempting to assume that residential and commercial electricians do the same thing, we urge commercial property owners to pause and consider their options.

Although the principals of electrical work are universal, the size and scope of commercial electrical systems are certainly different than the average residential electrical system.

Generally speaking, a commercial electrician will be trained and experienced with larger, more complex electrical systems.

A commercial electrician's experience will be primarily with electric systems in office buildings, shopping centres, public buildings and retail units.

The energy demands of these buildings are much more intensive than the average residential property. As such a commercial electrician is expected to complete larger, more complex and time-intensive work.

Commercial Electrician Dublin

Alliance Ireland’s team of commercial electricians are some of the most experienced in the country.
Each member of our team is fully registered with Safe Electric Ireland and have years of experience with the intricacies associated with large commercial electrical systems.
The duties of our professional commercial electricians include:

  • Installing extra sockets or lighting points in a commercial property
  • Full electrical system maintenance services
  • Ensuring the competence and performance of all aspects of an electrical system
  • Using the latest diagnostic equipment to identify any potential electrical problems
  • Ensuring all electrical components are compliment with all regulatory standards
  • Planning the installation of an electrical system in a new build

Emergency Commercial Electricians

Our commercial electrician team is also available for electrical system emergencies.
If your business is experiencing a power failure it’s important to have it repaired as soon as possible.
Our team of commercial electricians have the very latest non-invasive diagnostic equipment designed to quickly identify electrical problems in commercial buildings.
By utilising our years of experience and considerable resources and manpower, Alliance Ireland can repair just about any electrical problem. Our efficient repairs minimise any unnecessary business downtime.
So if you are experiencing issues with your commercial electrical system, don’t take a chance on the wrong kind of electrician, call Alliance Ireland today.


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